Spread salt with your skid-steer or loader! Perfect companion accessory to your snow plow or snow bucket. Scoop and go, for fast, easy distribution of material. Ideal for use on sidewalks, driveways or parking lots.

With the ability to tilt the Spreader Attachment forward, the operator can easily scoop material into the large capacity hopper. The spread pattern can quickly be adjusted to spread material from 4.5-feet to 12-feet, based on the engine RPM of your machine.

The Salt Spreader comes powder coated. It has a stainless steel valve to resist corrosion and has protected bearings. Hoses and couplers are included with this attachment. It comes standard with our universal skid steer mounting plate.

Berlon’s Meltrr is ideal for spreading salt on icy sidewalks, driveways or parking lots with its self-loading bucket design.

*Hoses & couplers and hose saver included

*Easily adjust spinner speed with engine RPM

*304 stainless steel spinner