If you’re in need of a spreader, you will be happy to know that the spreaders we provide have been engineered to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to your needs. Not only are our spreaders perfect for your needs, but they are also very dependable. Our manufacturers designed and constructed these spreaders to be heavy-duty, which means they will be tough, rugged, and trouble-free. Once you recognize how rugged our spreaders are, you will have no problem understanding how they manage to last so long without any issues.

Here at Cariati Truck & Equipment, LLC, we offer many different types of spreaders, including Air-Flo, to ensure the needs of all our customers are met. A few of the types of spreaders we offer include large spreaders, pick up spreaders, and mini spreaders.

  • Large spreaders – We offer large Air-Flo spreaders to our customers for a variety of purposes. One large spreader we offer is the AF-2000. The AF-2000 is designed to be installed onto an existing dump body or to be mounted on a truck frame. Without a doubt, the AF-2000 is one of the best the entire industry for ice control hydraulic spreaders has to offer. Offered in stainless steel or carbon.
  • Pick up spreaders – We offer Air-Flo pick up spreaders for customers who need to spread salt or sand. The pick up spreaders we offer are small enough to fit in the average pick up truck. Therefore, if you don’t have a commercial truck, the pick up spreaders we offer are probably ideal for your needs. Offered in stainless steel or poly.
  • Mini spreaders – The mini Air-Flo spreaders we offer are even smaller than the pick up spreaders. Despite the small size of the mini spreader, you can count on it to spread anything. In fact, it will even spread wet sand. Our mini spreaders come equipped with a rubber belt conveyor and a simple electric drive for even the most demanding of jobs.

Large Spreader

The AF-2000 has been engineered to meet all of your ice control needs.
High quality construction ensures years of trouble free service. Designed to be mounted on a truck frame or slid into an existing dump body, the AF-2000 is available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel. The Air-Flo AF-2000, demand the best the industry has to offer in ice control hydraulic spreaders.

Pick Up Spreaders

Mini Spreaders


This rugged compact spreader will spread anything  –  even wet sand. With it’s simple electric drive and rubber belt conveyor  –  it is  ready to tackle your most demanding ice control jobs.