At Cariati Truck & Equipment, we know how vital your diesel equipment is to your business. We realize this transpires to your family who depends on the income from your business. We also know that your clients depend on you. That’s why we provide quick and reliable diesel repair because each second your equipment is down it affects the entire circle of business. We want to be who you can rely on!

During snow storms and large weather events Cariati Truck offers 24/7 emergency truck repair services. When you need us the most, we’ll be here for you. We offer hydraulic hoses, plow parts, spreader parts and service.

Cariati Truck provides repairs with only top-quality products. We guarantee our parts and services, so you can feel confident with what we place under your hood or wherever we install it. The reason our clients come to us isn’t just because of the parts we use. A lot of the reason to choose us comes from the fact that we go the distance for our clients. You’ll never receive service that we wouldn’t do on our own vehicle. We believe that putting our all into each project is the only way to provide outstanding customer service.

We supply our clients with a wide range of diesel repairs including complete engine replacements and both major and minor fixes. Our staff has in-depth knowledge on diesel engines regarding every aspect of it such as how the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber or the fact that it has similar parts to a gas engine.

repairAt Cariati, we address issues ranging from the cam-crank sensor to the glow plugs. We take care of non-engine related problems as well since many parts are specific to different diesel models. For brake shoe and drums, to clutches and transmissions we have the experience you need to get back up and running.  We spend time diagnosing the problem whether it’s a lack of power, black smoke exuding from the engine or the engine is struggling to start.

Cariati Truck offers repairs related to findings in DMV truck squad road side inspections as well as work related to the FMCSA inspection. If your truck has been put out of service we can get you fixed and inspected. We are well versed in the level of quality needed to meet and pass expectations for equipment inspections. Cariati Truck & Equipment also provides annual federal inspections for trucks and trailers.