The snow is generally an inevitable part of winters in Connecticut most years. While we can wish this wasn’t the case, Cariati Truck & Equipment knows wishing isn’t going to solve the problem. What will solve the issue is having snow removal equipment.

Snow removal equipment helps keep both employees and customers safe all winter long. This can ultimately prevent against a very expensive lawsuit. At Cariati Truck, we offer installation services for two main snow plows in order to give our clients the ability to remove snow from their parking lot or other public areas. The first type is the Air-Flo Quick-Silver Full Trip. It’s worth the money when you consider its stainless steel blade never rusts. Its smooth surface allows for the snow to roll optimally. This plow is low maintenance and ready to go anytime. The other option is the Air-Flo Quick-Silver Trip Edge snowplow. It’s designed for heavier snowfalls, meaning even if the worst of conditions, this plow will get through. Cariati Truck also offers Boss snow plows with a variety of options.

Our snowplows are meant to last. This allows you to purchase one and not have to worry about it for many years to come, especially since it’s made of stainless steel that won’t rust. We should mention, both of our plows are easy to install. Cariati Truck will install your snow plow as well, then, show you how to install and uninstall the plow, so you’ll be able to do once the snowfall comes.

By purchasing a snowplow, you’re not just purchasing a blade used in the snow; you’re purchasing a solution to keep your business well protected throughout the entire winter season. You’re buying more than a part for your truck; you’re buying a way to keep the parking lot clear and open for you to maintain a relationship with your customers.

Air-Flow Quick Silver Full Trip

The never rust all stainless steel blade will always have a smooth slick surface for optimum snow rolling capability. You will plow more snow faster! This is the only blade in the industry that is made entirely of 304 stainless steel… even the rear plow ribs and horizontal bracing are stainless steel. This low maintenance blade will never need painting.

Air-Flo Quick Silver Trip Edge

The Air-Flo Quick-Silver Trip Edge Snowplow is designed to plow through the heaviest snowfalls. This rugged design is available in 8’ & 9’ options and is manufactured to the same rigid standards as our full trip plow.

The trip edge design using compression springs enables just the cutting edge to trip while leaving the moldboard upright….and the snow where it belongs, in front of the blade. This design is great for stacking large piles of heavy wet snow.

The Quick-Silver Trip Edge Snowplow will tackle the heaviest accumulation of snow, regardless of the obstructions that lay underneath.