Dump trucks serve many purposes throughout various industries ranging from landscaping to construction. They’re useful in hauling equipment or dumping the remains of a project. We offer a variety of dump beds to convert your work truck into a more useful and versatile piece of equipment.


We offer several different options ranging from small to large dump beds to meet your budget and needs. We have beds that are configured differently to further accommodate your needs. Cariati Truck & Equipment proudly sells and installs Bibeau dump bodies as well as Air-Flo dump bodies. From tailgate styles to different bracing options, we want your business to flourish using our products.

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Some of the industries who benefit the most from a dump body include construction, lawn care, landscaping and masonry, just to name a few. We offer different types for all industries. Those who choose a dump body with us can find one to meet the average capacity of items they’re hauling.

We don’t just stop at the products we provide. We install the dump body to ensure your safety and the product. We know business depends on our products, and that’s why we want to guarantee yours is working up to par before you drive the truck off of the lot.

We want to be your one-stop for all of your hauling needs. That’s why in addition to our beds we offer several different spreaders to hook to your new equipment.

The difference you get when you purchase with us is that we stand behind what we do. That’s why our products are top quality, and we spend the time to install it properly. When you walk in our doors, we make you feel welcomed and more like a person than just another customer. A personalized experience is why both individuals and businesses repeatedly return to us.